Last Call?

Since JSConf US 2015, Laura Williams suffered from a very severe neurological issue that has left her on a long road of recovery. Due to this, JSConf US, at least as it has been organized thus far, will be on hold for the foreseeable future. That said, we had already reserved the Omni for a December event so it was decided to have one last call for JSConf US. One final time to remember all of the great times, all of the special moments, all of the family that has become JSConf.

What is this?

We have been doing JSConf for 7 years with more than 10 events across the world and every single one has been better than the previous, it is something we take a great deal of pride in. We make events that aren't from the standard conference playbook, because we believe you deserve more than that. We have always retained some core concepts, the most fundamental of which is to always focus on the human social development aspect of the event. The second is to always indulge every attendee well beyond that which they have paid. The third is to always treat attendees, staff, sponsors, and speakers with the utmost of respect and appreciation. We have been a launching point for an incredible number of the most revolutionary products, services, and technologies on the web.

The JSConf team is constantly working to make the best technology event possible, which means not just creating events, but embracing a mission. Whether it is actively working to fix the diversity in computing issue, helping to feed the hungry, or trying to fix the rampant negativity in our community, we are deeply dedicated to making our (and your) world a better place. We want you to be part of it, we want you to be part of the JSConf family and help us with our mission.

Made With Love By

voodootikigod - Chris Williams
Chris Williams

Joined 2008 - Chris is the godfather of Nodebots, on a crusade to reduce negativity, and just trying to do amazing things. He has some crazy ideas about how we, geeks, should change the world for the better.

lwilliams - Laura Williams
Laura Williams

Joined 2008 - Laura is the founder of Loda Floral Design and the co-curator of JSConf. She is the organizational force behind JS Boot Camp in Washington, DC and quite impressively is a licensed architect and an awesome mother.

babyvirginia - Virginia Williams
Virginia Williams

Joined 2010 - One of the youngest conference organizers ever, Virginia has been "helping" run JSConf events for her entire life. She provides much energy and excitement to the team and is responsible for coordination of all the social components of the event.

robotcameron - Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams

Joined 2013 - I have the world's only internet-enabled mobile. That's just how I roll. gaaa gaag gaaa gaaa baaaa maaa baaa cooo aaaaahhh WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.